The little canyon

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If you drive one hour from my hometown in the Basque Country, you would be surprised to find this hidden salt desert in the middle of nowhere.
Because of the rainfalls and wind this desert has been heavily eroded and offers a lot of shapes and variations.
I always craved to do something there, finding the right moment wasn’t easy…
When I told Dani Lopez about this place, he got very excited and it dawned on me that the plywoods in his dusty van could be used to prepare the floor to land a trick over the canyon.  It took some hours to make the spot skatable and to set the illumination but after a few tries Dani landed a backside flip over the canyon!
Because of  the one hour walk of carrying heavy plywoods through the woods, this was no walk in the park but that day we did a great session!


No muy lejos de mi ciudad en el País Vasco existe un desierto de sal con diversas y extrañas formas causadas por las intensas lluvias que allí caen a lo largo del año. Un sitio único el cual llevaba mucho tiempo en mi cabeza para hacer un foto en el pequeño cañón que allí se encuentra pero buscar el momento no era tarea fácil…
Cuando hable a Dani López sobre este lugar no dudo en ningún momento ofrecerse para una sesión de fotos, afortunadamente el tenía unas planchas de madera sobre las cual poner encima de la superficie para poder saltar de lado a lado del cañon. Al día siguiente preparamos todo y nos dirigimos hacia el lugar en cuestión. Nos tomo varias horas preparar todas las planchas de madera y el set de iluminación, una vez estuvo todo preparado y tras varios intentos Dani cayo este backside flip sobre el cañón!
Tengo que dar gracias a todos los que nos ayudaron ya que sin su ayuda esto no hubiera sido posible.

2012 IPA International Photography Awards announces winners of the competition

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I have been awarded with two international prizes at IPA!!!!:

-1st place in Advertising – Self-Promotion category for the winning entry “Skateboarding on Dust”, a project which was born in collaboration with the brand Carhartt.

-Honorable Mention in Deeper Perspective category for the winning entry “Remnants
of a Dream”.  The reflection of two universes, taste of glory and bitterness. The story of an ex-bullfighter who has lost fame, fortune and a place in history.

About IPA:
The 2012 International Photography Awards received nearly 15,000 submissions from 103 countries across the globe. IPA is a sister-effort of the Lucie Foundation, where the top three winners are announced at the annual Lucie Awards gala ceremony. The Foundation’s mission is to honor master photographers, to discover new and emerging talents and to promote the appreciation of photography. Since 2003, IPA has had the privilege and opportunity to acknowledge and recognize contemporary photographers’ accomplishments in this specialized and highly visible competition.
Visit for more details.



“Skateboarding on Dust”


“Remnants of a Dream”

Horses Portraits Serie

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This is a serie of promotional portraits taken when the summer was coming to an end on the first days of September 2011 in the fields of the Basque Country, it was an interesting shoot since it was the first one I did which included horses, flash strobes, white fabric backgrounds and zero budget all at once, so to be honest this made me a little nervous. We chose three horses taking into consideration their physical built and color fortunately it all worked out to be a complete success and the horses were their best behavior. We shot about 200 pictures but I have chosen to share 11 which I consider represent what I was trying to grasp in that particular moment. It must be pointed out that very little photoshop has been applied, I only had to erase the wrinkle on the white fabric and on the curves.
Even though I specialize in action photography this time I felt the need to experience a different side of this wonderful world and made these portraits, so the next step is to combine both elements: horses in action!
Esta es una serie promocional de retratos realizados a finales de septiembre de 2011, cuando el verano llegaba a su fin al aire libre en un campo del País Vasco, fue una sesión particular ya que era la primera vez que combinaba: caballos, flashes, fondos blancos de tela y cero presupuesto; con completa honestidad he de confesar que me sentí nervioso pero afortunadamente, daba la impresión que estos equinos habían nacido para posar. Los tres caballos fueron elegidos tomando en consideración su: color y constitución física. Tomamos cerca de 200 fotografías, las 11 que elegimos y verán a continuación son las que a mi criterio llenan todas las expectativas que en ese momento buscaba. Considero importante resaltar que la serie solo tiene photoshop en las curvas y para eliminar las arrugas de la tela del fondo blanco
A pesar de que soy un fotógrafo especializado en acción esta vez quise experimentar otra de las muchas ramas de la fotografía haciendo retratos de caballos, lo que me lleva a considerar que el próximo escalón es combinar ambos elementos: caballos en acción!

More pics on Behance/Mas fotos en Behance:


Carhartt Dust Ads

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The most recent ads from Carhartt that we produced together with the boys from Laneta production have finally came out! This is Laneta’s second advertising campaign with the brand. A couple of years ago, Laneta created a great video “Skateboarding in Slow Motion” while last year I introduced the “Rain ad serie”. It became quite evident that Laneta and I should again work together on this new project.
The original idea of the “Dust Ad Serie” is inspired from an earlier work I made for the special issue of the 50th publication of Erosion magazine. For this cover I used artifical smoke so we could visualize the contrast of white smoke with a black background. I became fascinated with this concept and started to think of new ways of creating this effect with new elements, this is when the “Dust serie” was born. We used flour instead of smoke, and the results really surprised all of us! In addition to the series of pictures, we also opted for video footage in order to bring more strength to the project.

Cover Erosion 50


Los ultimos anuncios de Carhartt que realice junto con los chicos de Laneta productions al fin han visto la luz. Para la productora y para mi era la segunda vez que trabajabamos con la marca, mi primera vez fue el pasado año cuando trabaje con el proyecto “Rain Ad serie” y para Laneta dos años atras con un buen video llamado “Skateboarding in Slow Motion. Era de esperar que pronto trabariamos juntos y este era el momento.

La idea original de Dust Ad Serie viene de un anterior trabajo que hice para la portada 50 aniversario de la revista Erosion, para esta portada use humo artificial y me facino tanto el contraste de la masa de humo con el fondo negro que quise investigar y desarollarlo con otras variantes. Para este nuevo proyecto integre humo en el raider pero era muy complicado hacerlo de esta forma asi que me decante por una opcion algo mas sencilla, la de usar harina. El resultado fue soprendente a tal punto que para que el proyecto tuviera mas fuerza y fuera mas completo, llamamos a la productora Laneta para hacer un footage.

>Here is the series of 4 pictures we realised with two Carhartt’s riders:
Jan Solenthaler & Jerome Campbell

Jan Solenthaler – Heelflip

This is from the photo that made us “wet” the most: the idea was to take the picture from a dyke. We had to shoot from the sea, the water was up down our hips and it was full of sea urchins in there!
The dyke floor was impracticable for skating so it was very hard for Jan Solenthaler to land the trick, the skate was going again and again in the water but after four hours we got this amazing shoot which is my favorite of the series.

Jan Solenthaler – Frontside board

Jerome Campbell – Ollie

Jerome Campbell – 360 flip

A spot like this is very hard to find and it would have been a mistake not to include it in this serie because it was the perfect recipe: it is increible for skating, it is very wide, in the middle of nowhere and the cherry on the cake is that Jerome Campbell has got a very stylish 360 flip. To all these ingredients, we added two points of lightning to give softer lines. The taste: the perfect mix to show the global idea of this project!

Photography set up:
Camera: Hasselblad 201F
Lens: Zeiss 30mm and 150mm
Film: Kodak E100G
Flashes: 2 Elinchrom Ranger AS & 2 Sunpak 120J


Imagen de previsualización de YouTube

I want to thanks everyone who has been involved in this project.

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A year ago…Red Bull Illume image quest 2010

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About a year ago, I was in Dublin for the opening of the Red Bull Illume photography contest: “The world´s most spectacular action and adventure sports images”.
The contest was divided into 10 categories: A total of nearly 24 000 pictures from all over the world entered the competition.
When I received the invitation for the launch of the exhibition I was travelling in Asia, I remember it like if it was yesterday. I freaked out in happiness!
I knew it meant that I ranked out good in the contest but I would never have imagine that I was in the top 5 of my category.

Being at the opening was amazing, I felt great because I was sharing this moment with the best action photographers in the world; it was like being in a dream.
The ambiance was really friendly and I got the chance to meet other photographers with who I keep in touch with.

The 50 best pictures have been traveling around the world. The exhibition just ended in Salzburg and I am already looking forward the next Red Bull Illume contest!

This is not only about spot lightning the photographers work, it is also about showing to the world the diversity of action sports and the messages that a picture taken at a single moment, in a single frame can reflect.

The latest ad with Roberto Alemañ by Volcom Europe

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Roberto has been skating for more than 20 years. He is known as a gnarly skater because he enjoys huge spots and tricky challenges.
Alemañ is an incredible skater with a good sense of humor and when he showed me this place (which is outside a school), I thought that he was joking because it’s quite complicated to place a trick there.
After 10 minutes skating he showed me that I was wrong and landed this awesome trick.
He has been skating with the Volcom team for almost 10 years now, this is his latest advertising with the brand.

Roberto lleva patinando mas de 20 años. Conocido por su estilo “torete” por gustarle los trucos complicados y los spots grandes.
Alemañ es un patinador increible con un gran sentido del humor, cuando el me enseño este sitio (que esta fuera de una escuela) pensaba que estaba bromeando porque me parecia un poco complicado hacer un truco ahi.
Despues de 10 minutos patinando me di cuenta de que estaba confundido y el cayo este gran truco.
Lleva patinando con Volcom casi ya 10 años y este es su nuevo anuncio con la marca.

Volcom ad

Carhartt new serie pictures / Videoclip will be out next september…

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After the first ad serie I made last year in collaboration with Carhartt “The Rain Serie” we shot last week a serie of pictures and a videoclip. Both will be out next september. The videoclip is made by Laneta production (a Barcelona based audiovisual lab), Laneta has also already worked with Carhartt, they made the clips of “Photograph” & “Travels” which are both very good.
I am really looking forward to the publication of both materials to share it with you because this serie is very incredible and unique. I will keep you updated once its out!

While waiting you can have a look at “The Rain Serie” and at the videoclips below!


El año pasado hice mi primera serie de anuncios con Carhartt “The Rain Serie”. La semana pasada hemos estado trabajando sobre un nuevo proyecto que saldra el proximo mes de septiembre. Esta vez ademas de contar con una nueva serie de fotos, hemos producido un videoclip con la productora audiovisual catalana Laneta cual ha trabajado anteirormente con Carhartt en dos clips muy buenos llamados “Photograph” y “Travels”.
Espero impaciente el lanzamiento de ambos materiales para compartilos con vosotros porque este proyecto va ser realmente bueno y unico.
Os mantendre informados de su publicacion.

Mientras tanto podeis echar un vistazo al “The Rain Serie” y los clips de Laneta.

Imagen de previsualización de YouTube Imagen de previsualización de YouTube

How the time can reverse the situation / Como el tiempo puede cambiar la situacion

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Alain Saavedra flip drop in

A month ago, I went with Alain Saavedra to take some pictures, my mission was to shoot the photo for the front cover of Erosion Magazine, but I didn’t say a word of this to Alain.
After shooting a couple of tricks on the stairs, we crossed under a bridge and saw this amazing spot that looked perfect for the photo.
At the end of the bank there was one problem: a big gap of mud.
We looked for some wood and Alain began to flip down into the bank, after a few tries he managed to land one, however, the picture wasn’t looking so good, he tried once more but when he went speeding down the bank, he didn’t land on the right side of the sheet of wood, which was facing downwards with such bad luck that his board got stuck with a stone and Alain flew to the ground.
Normally Alain handles pretty well these kinds of falls, the problem was that he landed on his injured leg. Six months ago, Alain broken his femur and he is now wearing screws on his bones. Luckily nothing serious happened.
It’s crazy to think how the time can reverse the situation in two pictures taken almost instantly…


Hace un mes me fui con Alain Saavedra a sacar unas fotos, tenía la misión de hacer una portada para la revista Erosion, pero no le dije nada de esto a Alain.
Despues de habe filmando un par de trucos en unas escaleras cruzamos por debajo de un puente y vimos un gran bank que nos parecio increible para foto, el unico problema es que al acabar el bank habia un pequeño tramo de barro.
Buscamos una planchas de madera para tapar en el tramo de barro y Alain comenzo hacer flip hacia dentro del bank, despues de unos intentos el cayo uno pero en la foto no quedaba bien, intentó uno mas pero cuando el bajo por el bank a gran velocidad no fue por el lado bueno de las planchas de madera que se encontraba abajo, con tan mala suerte que su patin engancho con una gran piedra y Alain salio volando varios metros hasta el suelo.
Normalmente Alain aguanta bien este tipo de caidas, el problema era que el cayo sobre su pierna lesionada. Hace seis meses, Alain se rompio el femur y tiene la cadera llena de tornillos. Por suerte nada grave paso.
Es una locura pensar en como el tiempo puede cambiar la situacion en dos fotos tomadas casi al instante…

Hi Everybody!

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Hi everyone!
I’m writing from the jungle…
This blog would surround new projects, photos, tours…
I will try to keep you updtated on this crazy world and try to show you around with interviews and making of!


Hola a todos!
Os escribo desde la jungla…
Este blog ira sobre nuevos projectos, fotos, tours…
Intentare manteneros informados de este mundillo e intentar mostrarlo con entrevistas
y making of!